Disability Income Insurance

Disability Coverage Tailored To Your Needs

As an orthopaedic surgeon, you realize the impact an accident or injury can have on a person's life. But how much thought have you given to the impact an accident could have on your own life, and the lives of those you love? The AAOS provides members with several Disability Insurance coverage options to help protect your financial stability should the unexpected take place.


Principal Disability Income Insurance


  • Up to $20,000 in benefit amounts per month based on your income
  • Own Occupation Policy*—Protects you if you are unable to work in your occupation(s), even if you elect to work in another occupation; benefits are payable to the end of your benefit period as long as you remain unable to perform the duties of your regular occupation
  • Competitive Product Design—Built-in policy features and optional riders1 available to help you customize your policy:
    • Benefit update rider—No cost rider allows insured to purchase increased policy benefits every three years without evidence of medical insurability
    • Residual Disability Benefit2—Even if you are not totally disabled, you may receive partial benefits if certain requirements are met
    • Transitional Occupation2—Same as Own Occupation, but includes mental/nervous disability
    • Cost of Living Adjustment—During a disability, you receive cost of living adjustments to your monthly benefit to help keep up with inflation
  • Future Increase Opportunities—These may be available automatically to help keep your policy up to date without requiring additional underwriting
  • Tax-Free Benefits—You can receive benefits income tax-free when you pay premiums with after-tax dollars

1 These riders available at an additional cost.

2 If your policy has both the Residual Disability rider and the Transitional Occupation rider, benefits are not paid out under both riders at the same time. If you meet the definitions and terms of both riders, the monthly benefit you receive is the greater of either the Residual Disability or Transitional Occupation benefit.

*This definition of own occupation requires the regular occupation rider be added to the policy.

Pearl Insurance is not affiliated with any member company of the Principal Financial Group. Policy and rider descriptions are not intended to cover all restrictions, conditions, or limitations. Refer to policies and riders for full details. Disability insurance has limitations and exclusions.

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Principal Life Insurance Company
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Ameritas Individual Disability Income Insurance


  • Up to $15,000 in benefit amounts per month
  • Meets the needs of high-income earners
  • Own occupation for the length of the benefit period—If you have limited your duties to the performance of the usual and customary functions of a specific, professionally recognized medical specialty, that specialty will be considered your occupation
  • Non-cancelable/guaranteed renewable to age 65—Your policy cannot be canceled, premiums cannot be increased, and restrictions cannot be added until you reach age 65
  • Non-disabling injury benefit—If you suffer an injury requiring medical treatment prescribed by a physician, the treatment expenses will be paid up to $3,000 of the base benefit amount
  • COBRA premium benefit—If you become unemployed due to a disability and as a result, you're paying COBRA medical coverage premiums, you will be reimbursed for those premiums up to $1,000 a month
  • Survivor Benefit—Should you die after satisfying the elimination period and while monthly disability benefits are being paid under the policy, we will pay an additional three months of Base Monthly Benefit to your designated beneficiary
  • Cost of Living Adjustment Rider—As long as you remain disabled, we will pay an additional 3% of the Base Monthly Benefit on each anniversary of the date of disability
  • Automatic Increase Rider—This rider is designed to provide for a 4% simple automatic increase in your Base Monthly Benefit, on each policy anniversary, for up to five years.
  • Future Increase Option Rider—This rider permits you to purchase additional coverage with only financial evidence of insurability.

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Is your ability to work and earn a living protected in case of a disability? Protecting your most valuable financial asset—your income—is now more important than ever. Because of your membership with the American Association of Orthopaedic Surgeons, you're eligible to apply for quality individual non-cancelable disability insurance and receive a 10% discount!*

*California residents: Plan varies; no discount available.

Think about it:

If you became too sick or hurt to work, would you be able to pay your monthly bills? Just one year of disability could wipe out many years of savings. But with Individual Disability Income Insurance through the AAOS Member Insurance Program, you can help protect this valuable asset you have worked so hard to achieve.

How it works:

An Individual Disability Income Insurance policy through the AAOS Member Insurance Program helps you pay your necessary living expenses if you have a qualifying disability. It is non-cancelable and has guaranteed premium rates to age 65, meaning the insurance carrier cannot change or cancel your policy—except for nonpayment of premiums—or increase your premium before you reach age 65, regardless of changes in your income, occupation, or health!

After age 65, you may still conditionally renew your policy annually for the rest of your life as long as you are working full time and meet the requirements. If you conditionally renew your policy, your premium will change based on your age at renewal.

How it pays:

You will be issued a maximum monthly total Disability Benefit based on your current income and occupation when you purchase your policy. Once disabled under the terms of the policy, you must satisfy your policy's elimination period before receiving benefits.

For more information: How can an Individual Disability Income Insurance policy help protect your most valuable financial asset—your ability to work and earn an income—and maintain your current lifestyle and future financial plans? Speak with an AAOS Member Insurance Program Representative directly at 866.679.0888, or email AffinityTeam@pearlinsurance.com to send questions or have a Representative call you when it's convenient for you.

To apply for the AAOS Individual Disability Income Insurance policy, begin by completing our no-obligation Quote Request Form. If you would like assistance with your quote request, call the AAOS Member Insurance Program at 866.679.0888.